Я студент з України і мені потрібна допомога


We are working on both sides of the Ukrainian border. Thousands of people need our and your help.

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We bring you the most up-to-date information and requests for help

In this escalating military conflict, we focus on the most vulnerable – mothers, their children, and the elderly, who, having waited several days to cross our border, arrive exhausted, sick and with great hopelessness. Thanks to our experience from the conflict in Donbas and Luhansk in 2014 – 2015, we will assist them in Slovakia, be it with housing, education in schools with Ukrainian as the language of instruction, psychological care or job opportunities.

However, those waiting on the other side of the border in difficult conditions or those still hesitant to leave also need our and your help. Thanks to our team directly in Ukraine, we will try to do as much as possible. Thank you for your help!


We see bad, sad and unhappy videos and photos all around us. We’d rather not publish those. We have devised solutions that will alleviate the suffering of hundreds of fleeing mothers with children from the threats of war. Thousands are fleeing to Slovakia, thousands are hesitant, staying in Uzhhorod and its surroundings.


On the other side of the border, there are currently an estimated 40,000 children, women and the elderly on the 12-kilometer Uzhhorod ring road. They travel by car or on foot. It actually takes about 4-5 days to cross the border. They’ve been out in the open for almost five days, cold. On the other side of the border there is no help, tents, humanitarian organizations, food, water, medicine or toilets, simply nothing. Only hunger, cold, days turning into nights, burning barrels of pitch here and there where you can warm up or cook something. Hell. Do you think that you are in Afghanistan? This is the situation 100 km from Kosice. It is no longer the beautiful Uzhhorod where people go shopping. There is fear, hopelessness, crying and sadness. The men are no longer there; only women, children and the elderly. The entrance ramp on our side of the border is redemption from all that.


We are mobilizing all our strength and knowledge regarding rescue and integration of refugee families from Donbas. Many of you have helped us save dozens of these families and children in the past. Today the situation is different. Today nobody can get our teams and help there so easily. The war has changed the rules in a country that had had difficult ones even in a state of peace. We have experienced and skilled teams on both sides of the border. On our side, a team that you have known for a long time, on the other side there is a team of war-seasoned sisters from the Congregation of Jesus, the Posypank couple, who run our children’s home in Storozhnytsya near Uzhhorod. Jozef is an interventional psychologist, his wife Liza is a social worker. We have two diplomats in our team from our Consulate General of the Slovak Republic.


In Ukraine:

  • support the purchase and transport of all commodities needed to alleviate the situation in Uzhhorod and its surroundings as well as the situation of refugee families, such as non-perishable food, water, hygiene supplies, baby food, medicines, antigen tests,
  • support our team in Uzhhorod in its field work with a huge mass of people at the border in the distribution of essential commodities for alleviating hunger, cold and increasing the safety of women, children and the elderly migrating through the city of Uzhhorod
  • support 32 families with 74 children who have been accommodated in various rented households since the first conflict in Donbas,
  • create more accommodation space in Uzhhorod for mothers, children and the elderly who, for various reasons, cannot leave Ukraine; ensure the social accompaniment and integration of these people into the safest possible state and environment.

In Slovakia:

  • financially support the operation of aid microcells in Slovakia – operation of flats in Bratislava, Trnava, around Poprad, in Prešov, Košice and Svidník, which have been provided to us by private persons and friendly companies,
  • support the professional accompaniment of these families with children, their medical, psychological and occupational rehabilitation in their place of residence,
  • help us provide education for Ukrainian children, if possible in their mother tongue